I’m proud and excited to announce Max Lager’s first annual Lager Challenge Homebrew competition! We’ll be accepting homebrewed entries in all lager style categories including hybrid styles such as Kolsch and California Common. We’re also accepting entries in our exclusive Experimental Lager category and Holiday Beer category…huh, Holiday beer? Well, yeah the judging is going happen on December 15th and it’s just the right time of year for that type of thing! At the end of judging on the 15th will come the awards ceremony accompanied by a beer dinner and the tapping of some special casks.  And to add to the excitement, a Homebrewer’s Dream RAFFLE will take place, sponsored by Brewer’s Supply Group, where we’ll be giving a bunch of great homebrew goodies (and some great brewpub paraphernalia too).  It’s going to be lots of fun! If you’re a homebrewer you probably understood most of this and we want your entry! (really hard for me not to quote The Office after a statement like that). If you’re not, you can still come for the fun! Come by that evening for the awards ceremony and enjoy a great beer dinner and some special cask beer!

Entry info is coming soon so ladies and gentlemen… START YOUR BREWING!