Yes it’s that time of year again…no not Fall (almost)… DRAGONCON!! It’s my personal favorite convention of the year. Every year we get flooded with Imperial Stormtroopers, Wookies, Jedi, Batmen, Supermen and women, X-Men, Doctor Whos, Star Fleet officers, Aliens of all types and well…the list goes on and on. What fun! And what beer drinkers! Yes it seems the SciFi/fantasy crowd is also a beer geek crowd. It’s no surprise…I mean I’m a ScFi/fantasy geek myself and we all know where I stand on beer. This year I’m tapping two casks for the big weekend. One Hopsplosion!! IPA dry hopped with Citra hops (yum) and IMOS (Imperial Mocha Oatmeal Stout) that’s a whole lot of delicious cask beer! Come down early, I imagine they will run out fast. I’ll be tapping them around 12:00 pm at about the end of the DragonCon Parade Saturday in the upstairs bar. Parade starts at 10:00am, so come down for the fun and stay for a beer or two!