Composed of just four words, Max Lagers’ charitable philosophy is broad in scope, yet specific with purpose: “Drink Beer. Do Good.”

To drink beer is… well, none of us should have a problem understanding that. It’s the latter aspect of our fundraising mission that suggests a moment of reflection: What defines good?

Our stance on good extends beyond brewing delicious beer and plating well-prepared meals at Max Lager’s. And while we dedicate much of our efforts to perfecting the elements of service, it’s the essence of serving, rather, that inspires our purpose of providing for downtown Atlanta.

And sometimes that purpose extends beyond Atlanta… in the direction of a cause worthy of immeasurable care and need.

As most of our reactions were in hearing news of the tornado that ripped through Moore, OK, we were shocked and saddened for the victims forced to suffer the deadly storm. In efforts to aid and ensure relief arrives to the Moore community, we donated 50 cents of every Max Lager’s pint sold to the American Red Cross from May 23-May 30. With your help, we sold 1,232 Max Beers that week and allowing us to contribute to a cause much greater than ‘Good’.

From all of us at Max Lager’s and Brewed to Serve Restaurant Group, Inc.,