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Max Lager’s Beer

Max Lagers Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery Atlanta
“Incredible” . . . “Awesome” . . . “My favorite”
“Can I buy this in a store?”
“Are you interested in opening in Sydney?”
“When is your IMOS (Imperial Mocha Oatmeal Stout) coming back?”

These are some of the sounds at Max Lager’s bar and restaurant in downtown Atlanta. Each day Max hosts guests from around the world, whether it’s international flight crews, British tourists, Swiss NASCAR fans, or Atlanta regulars, our Brew Master John Roberts’ hand crafted beers never disappoint.

One guest summed it up when asked which Max beer was her favorite – “Each beer was my favorite when I was drinking it.”

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Now on Tap


Copious amounts of Citra, Amarillo, El Dorado, Ahtanum, Azacca, Centennial and Cascade hops are backed by a mild toasted malt character. Dry hopped twice with even more of this great hop blend. Your hop head may explode!

IBU 90 | ABV 8.1% | O.G. 16.3º Plato


An India Black Ale, this well-hopped dark ale features a fruity and earthy blend of Australian Galaxy and Citra hops, balanced with notes of toffee and chocolate and made even more complex with a subtle smoked flavor from house made pecan wood smoked malt. Feel the power of The Dark Side!

IBU 70 | ABV 8% | O.G. 18˚ Plato

Altered Ryeality*

A spicy rye pale ale bursting with notes of citrus, stone fruit, and berries from the use of 100% Mosaic hops.

IBU 50 | ABV 5.8% | O.G. 14° Plato

Max Red

A vibrantly red Vienna-Style lager, Max Red is a mild blend of a rich toasted malt character and a subtle but spicy hop finish.

IBU 22 | ABV 5% | OG 13° Plato

Cuvée du Gamelle

A beer for both sour beer lovers and hop heads! A collaborative brew between Max Lager’s and Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing, Cuvée du Gamelle was brewed especially for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. The goal was to create a lighter, sessionable ale that mimicked some of the qualities of a crisp white wine. Mission accomplished! Tart with hop notes of guava, mango, passion fruit, and citrus this beer has a crisp and refreshing taste perfect for the Southern heat.

IBU 30 | ABV 4.9% | O.G. 12.1º Plato

White Oak White

An unfiltered Belgian-style White beer, WOW has a refreshing spicy character from Belgian yeast, coriander, lemon peel,
and sweet orange peel in the finish. Its light body and crisp tartness is a perfect accompaniment to any spicy dish.

IBU 18 | ABV 4.7% | O.G. 12.3° Plato


Fresh Brewed

Max Lager’s offers an outstanding range of beers. Award-winning master brewer, John Roberts, creates these flavorful and exclusive Max Lager’s recipes, and attends to the handcrafted brewing process with painstaking detail. We also offer Max Tap Root Beer, carefully brewed by JR, as well as seasonal sodas including ginger beer, cream soda, orange and grape.

Handcrafted Bottled Beers

In addition to our handcrafted in-house brews, we offer a selection of bottled microbrews from around the world.

A listing of our beers – which changes frequently! – can be viewed by clicking BOTTLED BEER.

*Drink Beer Do Good

Fifty Cents from every pint of Max Lager’s designated ’Drink Beer Do Good” beer sold will be contributed to aid Atlanta’s homeless through donations to the Gateway Center for the Homeless, the Atlanta Union Mission, and other helping organizations.

From our Door to Your Store

Can’t make it in? You don’t have to miss out! Max Lager’s beer is now available through Atlanta Beverage, which supplies the Metro-Atlanta area with a select variety of handcrafted local brands.