The cooler weather gets me excited to brew some of my favorite styles. Fuller bodied, a bit stronger- the kind of beer that drinks better on a cool winter night than a sweltering summer day. The upcoming line up is sure to stave off the coming cold. In the conditioning tanks we have Dark Soul Quadruple a dark, rich Belgian style ale with notes of chocolate, toffee and toast coupled with spicy aromatics from the Belgian yeast used to ferment this big beer. You’ll need to be careful though because this one clocks in at just under 11% abv! Continuing with the Belgian theme is Ambition Blonde. The other end of the spectrum from Dark Soul, Ambition is a medium bodied golden ale with an amazingly complex character and a very drinkable 5.8% abv.

On deck to be brewed is the return of What The?!! Helles, a Heller (pale) Bock style lager and Wry King Max Imperial Rye Pilsner, which is one of my all-time favorites. If those weren’t enough, also on the soon-to-be-brewed schedule is a yet to be named Weizenbock. It’ll be a deep amber wheat beer brewed to bock strength (8.5% abv) and fermented with a traditional weizen yeast strain to add complex flavors of clove and banana to play off the light caramel/chocolate notes of the roasted malts.

It’s going to be a good winter…and we’re just getting started!