I can’t keep some secrets…well I kept this one for seven months and it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. One cold day in January I decided I’d blend three of my Big Beers of Winter series beers in a cask and instead of dry hopping it, I’d just blend in some fresh HOPSPLOSION!!! IPA. So I carefully racked in some St. Mungo Scotch Ale, Old 320 Barley Wine and IMOS (Imperial Mocha Oatmeal Stout) into the cask and topped it up with HOPSPLOSION!!!. I stuck it in a corner of our upstairs bar cooler and left it to age. Occasionally a bartender would ask “What’s that?” I would simply say “It’s mine…don’t touch it!” The cask sat there quietly as time passed and even I forgot about it occasionally, but today is the day. I just can’t wait anymore. I must see how it came out. Casks can be a crap shoot…especially when you age them. Will it be properly carbonated? Will it be oxidized? I don’t worry too much about it going sour, but…you never know until you drive that spigot into the bung and pour that first pint.

So currently there is a pint of ever so luscious Big Blend Black Ale sitting next to me…at least what’s left of it. Magnificent! The flavors of the four beers have blended perfectly, yet I can still taste each one. The roastiness of the IMOS blends with the caramel smokiness of the St. Mungo which gives way to a slight raisiny flavor from the Old 320 Barley Wine all of which is brought together with the citrus overtones of the Hopsplosion!!! IPA.  The extended aging has made it extraordinarily smooth. YUM!!

Usually I’d tell you the IBUs, OG and ABV, but being a blended beer- who knows? I can take an educated guess and tell you the IBUs are in the 70-80 range and the alcohol…well yes there is alcohol and plenty of it! Probably around 10% or more.

There is only one cask of this incredible beer…come and get it!!