Well, it’s Labor Day, so that must mean its 4 weeks into the Oktoberfest season…??? Oktoberfest in July and August??? Yes my friends every year there seems to be this competition between micro breweries as to who can get their Fest Bier out first. Why can’t we just wait at least until September? I mean it’s confusing enough for most people that Oktoberfest is generally over by October. Oktoberfest takes place in Munich during the sixteen days up to and including the first Sunday in October. Sometimes an extra day is thrown in if the first Sunday falls on the first or second. The original Oktoberfest took place on October 12, 1810 to honor the marriage of Prince Ludwig. By 1850 this became an annual event and is now the biggest beer festival in the world…well technically it’s not a “beer” festival, but try convincing patrons of that!

So why can’t we all just wait for the party? I’m going to. MaxFest Oktoberfest Bier will be officially tapped Saturday, September 17th – the same day millions (yes millions) of thirsty festival goers will descend upon the Theresienwiese (a field outside of Therese near Munich). Get ready for this lusciously malty deep copper beer. It takes three full months of lagering time to bring out all the great flavors.  I look forward to this beer all year and refuse to drink it before the official tapping…excuse me I just spilled the sample I  pulled from the tank…really…it was only a sample…I’d never drink Oktoberfest early…

Max Prost!

Max Lager's Oktoberfest, brewed since 1998!