Braves season has begun! To go along with the sunshine and baseball, Max Lager’s brings you seven new drinks: Victory Toast, the Game Day Bloody Mary, the Spicy Gonzalez, Homerun Heyward Punch, Extra Inning Juicy Fruit Martini, the Take Me Out to the Ball Game, and Bobby’s Hard Lemonade.

The Victory Toast is a perfect way to celebrate a wonderful victory after a long hot Georgia summer game. The freshness of lemon zest mixed with gin makes it crisp, refreshing, and delicious. $8.

The Game Day Bloody Mary is the best cure for the early morning blues. Try our spicy Bloody Mary. Have you had your V8 Today? $10.

The Spicy Gonzalez is a jalapeno cilantro lime margarita. This margarita packs a powerful kick with spicy jalapenos infused with a sweet, simple syrup. Topped off with fresh cilantro and lime juice, this is anything but your typical margarita. $10.

The Homerun Heyward Punch is a blend of fruit juices and fruit infused rums. One sip of this cocktail and you will want several more. The pineapple, coconut, and mango Parrot Bay Rum flavors makes me want to sit out in the stands, soak up some rays and watch Heyward knock some more homeruns! $8.

The Extra Inning Juicy Fruit Martini tastes like Juicy Fruit Gum. Whether your craving something sweet or a taste of childhood, try this delicious martini with Three Olives Bubble flavored Vodka. $10

“Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks”. Yup… that’s right, we made a cocktail with cracker jacks, the Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Because who can watch baseball with out wanting salty peanuts and sweet caramel popcorn? It even has cracker jack and caramel around the rim! Be careful this isn’t your kid friendly baseball park snack that you remember. $9.

Bobby’s Hard Lemonade is sweet and refreshing and will sneak up on you if you aren’t careful. With fresh squeezed lemonade and sweet blueberries, this drink will only have you wanting one or two more! Drink too many and you might get tossed out of the game! $9.

Bobby's Hard Lemonade, Extra Inning Juicy Fruit Martini, Spicy Gonzalez