The weather is warming up around Atlanta and that means beer festival season is beginning to kick off.  Last month we told you about our experience at the annual Hunahpu’s day in Tampa.  In April, we were invited to attend 2 festivals, each with a slightly distinct character.

The Depot Park Beer Festival (Link:, held in Kennesaw, brought about a laid back and care free style of festival, where attendees were able to move freely around the festival grounds with little hassle.  In addition to some fabulous beer and a great environment, the entertainment consisted of a rock music lover’s dream in the form of the KISS cover band Mr. Speed.  Max Lager’s featured our very own Wry King Max Imperial Pilsner and White Oak White Belgian Wit Ale for this festival with rave reviews.  Those who wish to sample our White Oak White Belgian Wit Ale may visit White Oak Kitchen and Cocktails, located at 270 Peachtree Street, in Atlanta.  This beer festival is a must for those who enjoy great beer, fun entertainment in a low key atmosphere just north of the Atlanta Perimeter.

The annual Classic City Beer Festival (Link: was nothing short of amazing for craft beer enthusiast seeking out one of a kind beer to sample.  Held each year in downtown Athens, this festival pays homage to traditional casks ale like no other festival in the country, with over 30 casks from all around the world.  Not a fan of cask ale?  No problem, because Classic City Beer Festival also features almost 400 draft, bottled, and canned beer as well.  Max Lager’s was extremely well represented in the Classic City with Wry King Max Imperial Pilsner, Max Black Lager, and a very sharp cask of Hopsplosion!!!  One writer from the Red&Black (Link:  Classic City Beer Festival Review) had this to say about our Hopsplosion!!! Cask:  “This IPA cuts the drinker down like a serrated knife.”  Max Black and Wry King Max are no longer available at Max Lager’s, however you will be thrilled to find our Hopsplosion IPA flowing freely from the tap.

Aside from festivals, we have been busy brewing some pretty awesome beer lately.  For all you IMOS (Imperial Mocha Oatmeal Stout) fans out there, fear not…  IMOS was brewed this week and is making our house yeast extremely happy right about now.  The richness of the pre-fermented wort alone was mouthwatering, leaving one to dream about the finished product.  Look for IMOS to be tapped some time in late summer.  We also just tapped the Georgia Air Lift Berliner Weisse-style beer, with a very refreshing tartness ideal for our warmer temperatures.  In fact, the Georgia Air Lift and our patio area are the perfect combination, so come see us soon!

Until next time, enjoy local craft beer and the changing of the seasons! Cheers!

Mr Speed at Depot Park Beer Festival

Mr. Speed at Depot Park Beer Festival

Classic City Festival

Michael at Classic City Beer Festival