So this winter I thought I’d be clever and put on two Belgian-style strong ales at the same time. I mean, what is better on a cold winter day than a glass of an intriguingly complex Belgian-style beer? Each sip brings forth new discoveries of flavors and a little more comfort from the cold outside…. only yesterday I played golf in shorts…and what was that??? A bead of sweat as I stood over my birdie putt?? I missed it BTW (damn). Apparently, Winter decided to…well…take the Winter off, or at least go on vacation.

Winter’s lack of wrath notwithstanding, Quadratic Liquation Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale and Demon D’Or Belgian-Style Golden Strong are both pouring at Max Lager’s and it’s really cool to taste and compare the similarities and the vast differences between these cousins.

Quadratic Liquation was originally brewed back in 2009 with home brewer Ryan Stansbury. I chose Ryan’s wonderful Belgian Dark Strong as the “Brewer’s Choice Award” winner of the Peachstate Brewoff. This year I thought it’d be the perfect winter beer. I decided to kick it up a bit by increasing the alcohol and tweaking some of the ingredients. I also decided to give the beer 20 weeks in the conditioning tank to really let the complexities develop…and develop they did! The Quad starts with earthy sweet notes followed by biscuity malt flavors and hints of dark fruit. The extended conditioning has brought all the flavors together into a smooth and complex beer that has to be experienced to be understood.

Demon D’Or on the other hand, I normally reserve for the spring, but what the heck? I mean if it’s gonna be 72 degrees out…The Demon has bright and spicy malt flavors and a hint of wildflower honey in both the nose and the flavor. Lively German and Czech noble really bring the devilish quality of the beer to life, dancing on your tongue as you long for the next sip.

So, whether it’s cold out…or warm out…or cold again… I got the Belgian-style Strong Ale for you!