We’ve added two new brews: Belgian, fruity Demon d’Or & the spicy, floral Session One Pale Ale.

Max Lager's brewmaster, JR, tasting

Now that's a good brew

Demon d’Or

This devilishly good Belgian Golden Strong Ale has a spicy fruitiness and soft malt sweetness. Additions of wildflower honey and Belgian candi sugar add to the complex layers of flavors. Don’t let the medium-light body of this Abbey-style beer deceive you- at 8.5% abv this demon packs a punch!

IBU 20 ABV 8.5% O.G. 18.5° Plato 6

Session One Pale Ale

“Session” beers are lower alcohol, flavorful beers meant to accompany great conversation in the company of good friends. Session One Pale Ale has a medium light body, light copper color and spicy/floral hoppiness that invites another sip.

OG 12.2 degrees ABV 4.5% IBU 34 5

Please stop by and try them both.